Hi, I'm Thijs, 33 years old, and born in the right age. Computers and technology in general interest me endlessly. I like to engage in puzzles and see no problems but challenges.

At the age of 13 I came into contact with code. With the help of Visual Basic 6 I made my first program. Even though it had only simple lamp images that could toggle on and off, the first step to controlling the computer was made. What makes the computer so interesting to me, is that it is the ultimate tool: usable for any (computable) problem to use as long as you program its functionality.

I like to play games. Not just as entertainment, but also as an inspiration. I like to think about game design, or how specific effects are best implemented. It will be no surprise that I studied Game and Media Technology, a Master's program at Utrecht University.

I like to move, currently mostly running and cycling. Whenever I get the chance, you can find me under water with a bottle of compressed air on my back.